Mortgage Advisors

Cressida is committed to the Mortgage Advisor channel, is a member of the Professional Advisors Association, and has strong established ties with the New Zealand Mortgage Advisor community.

With any finance proposal we recognise that time is of the essence and our goal is to provide a prompt turnaround with a cost effective solution tailored to meet your client’s requirements.

To assist us in a quick response the following information is needed:

  • Brief proposal (outlining the funding required, purpose, term, Borrower and Guarantor details, and the security property for the loan)
  • Registered valuation for the property (for low LVR residential loans a copy of the current Council Valuation is sufficient)
  • A signed and dated statement of position for the Guarantor
  • Supporting information such as sale and purchase agreements, credit reports, tenancy or lease agreements, LIM reports etc are always helpful

Our policy is to pay the Advisor commission directly to the Advisor on the settlement of each facility.

Mortgage Advisors

To discuss your requirements further contact:


Bruce McGhie

Phone +64 (9) 918 5839
Mobile 021 912 006


Nigel Staples

Phone +64 (9) 918 5842
Mobile 021 687 848


Marty Shepherd

Phone +64 (9) 918 5851
Mobile 021 715 200


Warren Law

Phone +64 (9) 918 5845
Mobile 021 483 666