Our promise

Owned by interests associated with the Staples Family, Cressida Capital is represented by a team of property professionals who are dedicated to meeting your non-bank funding requirements. We offer property finance solutions to those who require speed and flexibility at market leading rates.

I am extremely happy with Warren’s service, without his super fast turn around time, i might not have been able to settle this deal. He even replied my emails and message around 9pm at night several times, I really appreciated this.
— Happy Customer 1
I was very impressed with Marty’s service and it was an awesome experience, Marty has made the process so simple, easy and efficient. I have told my team about how great Marty was and advise them to work more closely with him and use Cressida as our priority finance provider. I would rate 10 out of 10 for his great job and attitude!
— Happy Customer 2
Bruce is always an outstanding contact for me to have. I value his hard work and opinion more than other lenders and appreciate the effort that goes into every deal – especially this one!
— Happy Customer 3